Indochino Newsflash: Gingham shirts and an upcoming review

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Gingham Shirts from Indochino - priced 99$ each

Hi guys, just thought I'd quickly update you with some new additions to the Indochino lineup - 5 gingham shirts in various colors of the rainbow were added yesterday. All priced at 99$. Now, I don't want to push this too far, but I guess we are all waiting for a coupon to get one of the shirts for free with a coupon...

In other news, I have received my Indochino Camel Linen Suit (349$) yesterday and I'm working on a review. I might have to postpone it a bit, because while the jacket fits great as usual, the pants came out a bit too baggy, especially the crotch and the waist measurements. Perhaps this is a change in the house style - we have all noticed the models wearing the trousers a bit more "baggy", so that might be the reason. In any case, I requested a remake on the trousers with some adjusted measurements and hope it will ship quickly so I can wear the suit confidently. I have still included a picture below.

Indochino Camel Linen Suit