New Essential suits available

Monday, January 16, 2012

Indochino has added two suits to their constant Essential collection some days ago. These new suits are a The Essential Prince of Wales and the Essential Gray Herringbone suit. Both of them are available as a 2-piece suit or with vest. The two additions certainly make sense, so far there were only solid-colored Essential suits and one always had to wait for new, temporary collections to get something a bit different. 

There are also two Tuxedos available, the Midnight Blue Tuxedo and the Essential 3-piece Tuxedo. I'm aware Heikal Gani, Indochino's co-founder and design mastermind told me the designs and shapes haven't changed, but I just can't help feeling the button stance on some new suits is just very high. Combined with the high waist suppression, the jackets tend to flare out around the hips and create a kind of female shape that will not fit most people - it even looks weird on some of the Indochino models, if you ask me. 

By the way, the survey will be completed in a few days, results are interesting and will be posted here!
The Essential Prince of Wales 3-piece suit - 449$
Essential 3-piece Tuxedo - 449$