Indochino Vincero suits and the "Rat Pack" make a comeback

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Do you remember the 2011 Indochino Vincero Collection (covered on my blog here)? It generated quite a bit of buzz last September. Vincero stands for premium Italian Reda fabrics, Bemberg lining and collar felts sourced from Germany. Vincero also stands for the highest prices Indochino ever asked for their suits, the most expensive one initially sold for 829$ - a couple of Vincero deals with nice discounts surfaced soon after.
Indochino Vincero Charcoal Prince of Wales Suit - 599$
It seems that at the end, sales of the first Vincero Collection were quite ok after all, or Indochino just decided to give the premium line another shot and test the waters again. The new Vincero suits introduced earlier this week are priced more competitive at 599$. You are probably asking yourself if it's worth it. I guess there is no simple answer for it. Reda fabric is top quality, there is no doubt about that. Bemberg lining is something you might notice too, it should breath better than the standard polyester lining, especially in hotter climates. I am not sure if or how one would actively notice the better collar felts. If you got your fit down and you can afford it, these are surely great suits. 

Especially the Charcoal Prince of Wales and the Mini Houndstooth have a great and timeless pattern that stands out from the many solid colored suits. However, if you are just starting to build your wardrobe, you might be better of with a suit from their Essential collection. The fabric is not bad either, sourced from China, but from what I hear Chinese fabric mills have greatly improved in quality over the last years.

Indochino Vincero Mini Houndstooth Suit - 599$
In addition, there is also a nice Vincero pinstripe suit and also two pants made from Reda fabric that might be of interest to some of you - a pair of brown dress pants and a pair of gray ones.

The other new suit is a is a pretty cool blue one, The Blue Sharkskin Suit. In case you were wondering, here's a bit background on sharkskin fabric. As you probably guessed, it is luckily not made of endangered shark's skin, the term merely describes a special way of weaving the wool. Sharkskin suits were made famous by the Rat Pack in the early 1960s, went in and out of fashion and it seems the fabric en vogue again these days. I could swear I read about it just some days ago in GQ or Esquire, can't remember. If you want to know more, there is a lot of information on
Indochino Blue Sharkskin suit aka. the Rat Pack Suit - 399$
In any case, in my opinion the Indochino Blue Sharkskin Suit is really cool and at 399$ also quite affordable. Now that I'm thinking about it, an Indochino Rat Pack collection could actually be interesting, right?