Cashmere scarfs, wool ties, essential suits and more

Thursday, December 8, 2011

As you may know, Indochino usually releases limited collections every other week. These suits are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, meaning that at some point the fabrics are gone and won't be restocked (there are exceptions). These limited collections make up for the bigger part of the suits on the Indochino website and are a big part of Indochino's success - it allows them to react to trends and seasons quickly.

Velvet Blazers, Cashmere Scarfs & Wool Ties

One of the new limited collections was released a couple of days ago, featuring velvet blazers and in my opinion, more interestingly also wool ties (finally!) and cashmere scarfs. The velvet blazers are 100% wool and available in 3 colours (tan, burgundy and navy blue) and cost 279$ each. The 100% cashmere scarfs (cashmere from Mongolia) go for 109$ and the wool ties for 39$. I'm especially happy about the wool ties, they have been featured in most fashion magazines from Esquire to GQ for years and I have always been waiting for Indochino to stock some of these.
Velvet Blazers - 279$
Cashmere scarfs 109$ and Wool Ties 39$
Holiday Gift Sets - a decent present for Christmas?

Consisting of a tie, tie bar, cufflinks and a pocket square, they could make for a nice Christmas present. They also ship quite quickly (within 10 days), as all of these items are on stock.
Holiday Gift Sets - 99$
The Essential Collection
Indochino Essential Suits - 379$
Aside from these limited collections, there are a number of basic suits as well. Until recently they were called the Ultimate Suits, now they are referred to as the Essential Suits. These are suits and blazers someone who is just starting to build his wardrobe usually buys first. Simple and and affordable classics (379$) such as the Essential Charcoal, Navy (voted most essential suit on a poll on my website), Gray or Black Suit. Some of them are also available as 3-piece suits including a vest (449$). These suits will never sell out, Indochino has a trusted supplier for the needed fabrics (now clearly declared as 100% wool fabrics).

I own some of these Essential suits, more specifically the Navy Blue Suit and the Essential Gray Suit. Detailed reviews of both these suits are available on my blog here and here. The Essential Gray is probably my favorite suit overall, I wear it at least once every week - it's hard to find another suit that is as versatile as this one. The Navy Blue Suit has recently been "upgraded" to their Navy Blue Traveling Collection Suit - review available here.
Hint: for a 100€ more you can get an "upgraded" version of the basic suit, complete with headphone port, cuff zippers, teflon coated wool fabrics and some more features. Check my article on the Traveling Collection for more info.