[EXPIRED] Indochino Holiday Promo - Suit Utility Kit for 29$

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I almost missed this, thank you to David who wrote me an email about it. We are talking about the Indochino Suit Utility Kit as was previously available via Groupon for 49$ (read about it here). I guess they had a couple of those left and decided to give them away for a good price, it's only 29$ including shipping now, you will receive it until December 24th. The promo is also linked to the Indochino segment on NBC recently, unfortunately I missed it and haven't been able to find it online so far. 

For 29$ you do get quite a lot, the kit consists of:
  • a black tie,
  • tie bar, 
  • cufflinks, 
  • a white pocket square and 
  • a measuring tape. 
You can get it here (US only):