New Indochino March Collection coming up!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Indochino March 2011 Collection Teaser
Indochino to release a new collection for March 2011

Indochino just released 2 pictures of the upcoming March collection on both their Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is interesting to see that both of the teaser pics show 3-piece suits in a shade of gray, both with patterned fabrics. The model seems to be new as well, the guys from last time were criticized quite a bit...

I'm curious what else we will get - I'd be in the need of a linen suit actually, hopefully they will release some soon (they did last year in April). I've been writing about those cardigans for ages, not sure if we will ever see them - perhaps they are just not ready with it? In any case, I believe that we will have to see some kind of innovative product sooner or later. There have been many indications so far (interviews, surveys) and I'm sure they are working hard on it in the background. 

I'm also wondering if they will get back to their 2-week delivery time again. The Chinese Year must be well over by now and I believe by this time last year we were already back to the two weeks. I already heard some people say the 4-6 weeks will be the new standard. What do you think?