New Vincero suits and paisley shirts from Indochino

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I've been missing out on a couple of introductions to Indochino's suits and shirts lately, so let's take a look and see what happened in the past few days.

Indochino Paisley (and patterned) Shirts - who would dare wearing it?

Paisley Shirts - wearable or not?
Unwearable in my opinion, both as a dress shirt and as a casual shirt. The tie with the clip in combination with the pattern just looks out of place. What do you think? Is that a look someone could pull off and I am perhaps just too conservative? Very interested in hearing your thoughts on these shirts. 

Vincero Collection gets expanded to 13 suits in total - worth the price?

The Vincero Collection has developed in an interesting way - when they started, I didn't give them much chance, thought they were overpriced. They ran a couple of promotions on it and I saw that as a sign that they were selling slowly. However, Indochino kept introducing more Vincero suits over time and by now the selection has grown to 13 suits. As mentioned in an earlier post, I had ordered one of the Vincero suits and received it 2 weeks ago. I have since worn it 3 times and it's probably going to be my new favorite suit - the fabric is extremely nice. Will have a review up sooner or later - hopefully rather sooner!

Indochino Brown Vincero Suit - 599$
Anyway, they added a couple of new Vincero suits again, you can check the whole selection here. Of the new additions I somehow really like the Brown Vincero Suit a lot. Sure, at 599$ it is not exactly cheap, but if you don't have any fit issues, the great fabric, Bemberg lining etc. is quite worth it in my opinion.

What else happened?

Indochino (just like me) discovered Pinterest and ran a competition. As you know, their Traveling Tailor is coming to Calgary on March 6th and judging from their Facebook page, it's going to be overrun - at least 460 people are going to get measured up. Double-breasted suits should come with one of their next collections and the spring collection (most likely again linen suits) will be released towards the end of March. Lots of things to look forward to!