(EXPIRED) Deal Alert: 10% off, 1 free shirt, 1 free accessory

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Essential Gray Suit: now $341 instead of $379 plus 1 free shirt & 1 free accessory
UPDATE: Indochino deactivated the coupon already, hope some of you got their orders through.

The deal is only valid for suits, shirts and accessories from the Wedding Collection, but there are actually a number of interesting items even if you don't need it for a wedding. 10% off may not sound a lot, but here is the important part: this is one of the very few occasions where you can actually get a discount on an Essential Suit

Take the Essential Gray Suit (review here) or the Essential Navy Suit, normally priced at $379 would now be $341 plus you get a free shirt (from the Refined Shirts, e.g. worth max. $99) and a free accessory. 

Overall, this is a great deal if you need a complete outfit for a very good price - and believe me, the Essential Suits are hardly ever discounted, at least not in their usual seasonal sales or friday happy hour promos. I recommend to be quick if you want to use this coupon, Indochino might not have designed this promo to spread, so they may deactivate the coupon soon.