Indochino Spring Collection 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

In good time for spring 2014, Indochino just released a number of new suits and shirts. We got 10 new suits, all available from $529 as two-piece suits and $619 as three-piece suits incl. vest. There are also a number of new chambray shirts in all possible colours, including green, purple and orange. and a couple of very nice micro stripes and micro check shirts available from $99. The Indochino Traveling Tailor is also on the road again and currently in Los Angeles, so stop by for a chance to see the new products in person (and get a free shirt if you buy a suit). 

Check them here:
New Suits & New Shirts

The fabrics used for the suits are no specifically spring fabrics like last year (we got linen and cotton blends), but mostly 100% wool fabrics (120s) suitable for all season. You'll be disappointed if you have waited for cotton and linen suits, I assume we will get them for the summer collection in a few months.

Indochino Spring 2014 - A Selection

The Steel Blue Micro Pattern suit is one of the pieces that stands out for me. A nice and subtle color with a nice texture, very versatile and just different enough from the usual navy blue and grey suits. Will definitely look great on a nice spring day. 

The Olive Sharkskin Suit pictured further below is very nice as well. I really like how it looks in the lookbook shot I used as a first image on this article - the patterns used for the product shot below look completely random to me, to be honest.

Steel Blue Micro Pattern - $529
Too many patterns here, but cool suit - $529
Gray Sky Chambray Shirt - $99
I actually think what we got now is just the beginning of the Spring Collection, with a couple of now missing items to be introduced soon. I'm hoping for some nice blazers, maybe some new light trench coats and perhaps a couple of cool accessories such as linen ties. Not sure if co-founder and Indochino design mastermind Heikal Gani was still involved in this collection, but from what I hear he has now left the company is pursuing his own business ideas (check out his furniture store if you make it to Shanghai). It will be interesting to see what design focus will be from now on, Heikal Gani was certainly a vital aspect for Indochino's great collections in the past and had a lot of fresh ideas.

The campaign photography is interesting again, they used a grainy effect on the photos (too make them look more organic & analogue, I assume) and Indochino has started to use a different way of choosing their models. We used to get mostly very slim, clean shaven young guys and there is a clear tendency to choose more mature men with facial hair now.

Models used in 2013

And the models 2014