Indochino Deal Alert: Suit, 2 Shirts and 2 Ties for $599

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sorry, I've been a bit silent for a while, preparing my return to Europe. Indochino is having a pretty good deal at the moment that I have to share. You can get 1 Suit, 2 Shirts and 2 Ties for just $599.  Packages like these are especially great for people just getting started with their wardrobe and it's really quite a solid deal if you need a couple of fresh items.

Use the coupon code KICKSTART at checkout to get the deal. The suit, the 2 shirts and the two ties have to be in your shopping basket already for the coupon to work. 


Lorenz Loidl said...

I fear that this is as good as Indochino deals will be going forward for the most part. It's good if you're looking for shirts and ties, but if you're in it mostly for the shirt it is tough.

On another note, did you ever select the winner for the free Dragon Inside shirt? I didn't see you mention it on the thread like you normally do.

Lorenz Loidl said...

Oh wow, forgot about that competition completely. Let me announce a winner, thanks for noticing that :-s

Lorenz Loidl said...

good luck with your trip back home...

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