The Anatomy of an Indochino Suit & Mantorii Custom Footwear Sale

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Indochino Suit Construction

Indochino has released a nicely done overview on their suits today, including some interesting details.  With all the complaints about price increases, we tend to forget that Indochino has come a long way and improved a ton of important details on their suits. We all know their construction method is proper half canvas by now, which greatly improves the drape of the suit. Bemberg lining is another important factor, especially as temperatures start rising and summer is not far off - don't forget about the half-lining options (available on their blazers and I think on request on suits too) either. 

Also check out the ongoing Indochino Sale, there are still some were good bargains to be made. 

In other news, Mantorii is running an interesting promo, you can get 20% off with the coupon code specialsale. As you may know, Mantorii has recently been acquired by Australian suit makers InStitchu and they have been improving their shoes significantly over the past few months. I'm about to get another pair soon and will follow up with a review.