Indochino Summer Sale 2015 - up to 40% off with new items added

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Indochino Summer Sale 2015 - up to 40% off
It's true, it's true - the Indochino Summer Sale is on. What do you need to know about it? Well, first of all there is a coupon code: SUMMER15 to be used at checkout. The selection is pretty good. Not surprisingly, there are a number of suits on sale: everything from tan linen to pinstripe and navy suits and plenty of shirts as well in all colours and patterns. In case you are really on a budget, I've checked for the cheapest items below. To see everything sorted from the lowest price to the highest, just go to the Summer Sales Page and set the filters on top accordingly. How long will the sale last? Hard to tell, but some of the items will move fast, especially the simple suits at low prices. 

Cheapest shirt(s):
Classic Dove Gray Shirt - $55
Beige Oxford Shirt - $55

Cheapest suit(s):
Ultramarine Cotton Suit - $340
Deep Indigo Cotton Suit - $340