Indochino Summer Sale 2016 - up to 60% off!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Cheapest suits from the Indochino Summer Sale 2016

Indochino is certainly no stranger to good sales and 2016 has been a great year for Indochino sales already. Starting now, the Indochino summer sale gives you up to 60% discount on selected items  with prices starting at just $299 for e.g. the Tan Micro Houndstooth Cotton Suit (40% off). As far as I could see, most suits have a discount in the 40-50% range, accessories go up to 60% with a couple of nice ties. As usual, quantities are limited. I'll be highlighting a couple of good choices in a next post.

Shop the Sale:
Coupon Code: JULY1 (use at checkout)

If you are looking for the most affordable deal, go to the menu on the right above the suits and sort them from low to high (see screenshot below).

Indochino Summer Sale 2016
Sort prices from low to high to find the cheapest suit available within the Indochino Summer Sale 2016