New Indochino shirts and your chance to win an Accessory Set

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Indochino shirts introduced, promise to dress you for success

It's Tuesday and as we know that means we get some new goodies from our favorite custom clothier, Indochino. There had been some discussion on Indochino on the last blog post - basically some said that Indochino should stick to their core business and focus on making suits. However, from past interviews and news items it is pretty obvious that Indochino wants to be more than just a suit maker. As I understand it, they want to provide everything a man needs - from suits to shirts, ties, cardigans, shoes - many things have been mentioned. There are even considerations of moving the business offline - interesting thought. 

Anyway, today we didn't get the usual 2-3 shirts or ties, we got 16 new shirts in all patterns - stripes, gingham, madras - should be something for every taste, I guess. I have been increasingly satisfied with my last couple of Indochino shirt purchases - I used Groupon coupons for it and that was a quite good value. They actually seem to be quite durable and the fit is good. They are not paying much attention to the details, that's something I miss, but overall you get well fitting shirts. It's probably true that you can get nicer - or perhaps also cheaper - shirts somewhere else, but it's also convenient to buy everything at one place. 

Win an Accessory Set - Competition now closed!
Congratulations to Justin - you won the Accessory Set - please contact me at to claim your prize! Update: Justin didn't respond, so I had to find a new winner, EricSzeto. 

Oh by the way - I have a little giveaway for you guys. I got myself one of those Indochino Accessory sets (including a tie, cuff links, tie clip, pocket square) that are being sold on Groupon every once in a while. Now this is not the most inventive idea, but just leave some kind of an Indochino related comment on this post. Could be your opinion about their shirts, suits, their plans, etc. I will select one random comment and award the winner (so no flattering is necessary ;) ), please make sure I can contact you somehow or check back the blog for the announcement. You can participate until Friday midnight GMT+1. Good luck!