Indochino introduces secret pockets

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sorry I had missed last Tuesday's update, another summer suit was introduced. I am still on holidays and promised my girlfriend to stay away from the Internet... It is also rather difficult updating the blog only from the iPhone.

Anyways, let's hope this works out. Indochino introduced two special suits yesterday - essentially a cooperation with the distributors of Limitless (the movie) in Canada. The two new suits are based on existing suits (charcoal and a pinstripe) and feature a 'secret' pocket, as seen in the movie. Unfortunately, it seems these pockets are only available for the two special suits and cannot be ordered for all suits. I usually avoid putting heavy objects into my jacket's pockets, but I guess the average smartphone may be just light enough to make it invisible from the outside.

Canadians can also enter a competition and win free Indochino suits for 1 year (value 6000$). Certainly nice to have! I will be back from my holidays soon and have an Indochino shirt review written by a guest author, a competition and more coming up then!