Indochino Deal Alert: Get 33% off with

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Good news, Indochino is having a major promotion with Gilt right now. You essentially get 33% off and pay $429 instead of $644 for the following package:
  • Essential two-piece suit (choice of eight fabric options)
  • Choice of any dress shirt (excludes shirts over $99)
  • Choice of any tie
  • Choice of any tie clip
  • Choice of any pocket square
  • Choice of any cufflinks
If you want to get a more expensive suit, you can do that as well, the sum of $429 will get deducted at checkout and you just pay the rest. It's an excellent deal if you are prepared to spend a bit - you can get the whole package with all essentials for an entire outfit for a very good price. 

Indochino didn't really have a major promotion since their 2012 Black Friday deal and from what I know, there won't be an official Chinese New Year's sale either. So this is probably as good as it gets and a good chance to get a suit before delivery times increase during the Chinese holidays. 

If you are new to Gilt City, you can use my referral link to get an additional $15 off (I get $15 off for my next purchase, but it doesn't accumulate the credit). 

As for suggestions, the new Ultimate Tech Collection is obviously an option, but there are also more classic possibilities. 

If it's your first suit, I'd recommend something like this:
The offer ends on Thursday, January 24th and you can use the coupon until April 30th. 
By Lorenz Loidl