Indochino 2012: The Top 10

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 was an eventful year for Indochino. Below you find my personal Top 10, a collection of the 10 things I liked most about Indochino in 2012. What did you like (or dislike) about Indochino - agree with some of the points I mentioned or would your Top 10 list look completely different?
  1. Introduction of Digital Cutting
    A great investment to ensure better consistency on repeat purchases. Not yet perfect, but a huge improvement.
  2. The Indochino Traveling Tailor 
    Originally started in 2011, but perfected in 2012 the Traveling Tailor brings an Apple-like shopping experience to cities across US and Canada. It will be interesting to see how the concept will be used in 2013. Fingers crossed for Europe!
  3. Upgraded Suit Components 
    From silky Bemberg lining to high quality BWF collar felts, Helsa shoulder pads and Freudenberg interlining. Upgrades everywhere and not just for the premium collections. 
  4. Double-Breasted Suits available again
    It took a while, but finally this feature became available again. A great look!
  5. The Modern Linen Collection
    Somehow the summer collections are always my favourite Indochino collections. I love those light linen fabrics and this year they really had some strong colours.
  6. Cutaway Collars for shirts available
    Often wished for by many customers, this was finally made available in early 2013. Calls for a bigger tie knot than the usual 4-in-hand.
  7. Thomas Mason Fabrics introduced for shirts
    A somewhat controversial move as prices for these shirts increased quite a bit, but it's hard to argue with the virtues of great fabrics.
  8. Vincero Suits and Reda Fabrics
    While the Vincero collection was already introduced in 2011, I felt like it only really took off in 2012. Suddenly it made sense to spend more than $400 on an Indochino suit. 
  9. Friday Happy Hour Deals
    A great chance to pick up deals - very often these deals cover the obviously slow moving items, but there are real gems to be found.
  10. Website Update
    Usability on Indochino's website is great across platforms and devices. The most recent update added some missing information and now greatly showcases their products and customisation options.