Giveaway: A $100 voucher for Joe Button (custom shirts)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Everyone likes giveaways and this one comes in form of a $100 voucher for Joe Button, as a small thank you to you, the readers of this blog. What had started as a very small blog in 2010 is now a bit bigger with an average of 500 unique visitors a day, up to 1.000 if there are big news. I think that's quite good for a niche blog. The important part: if you want to win the voucher, leave a comment on this post and I will randomly determine the winner. Post until Thursday, 21st of March for a chance to win.

How you can help
Every blog is greatly influenced by its Google search ranking. And the Google ranking is more and more influenced by how often a website is shared, liked and followed on the various social media channels. So if you want to, follow me on Google+, Twitter or Facebook and sometimes share my articles - there are sharing buttons on the bottom of each post. Thank you!

Furthermore, if you have interesting content and you would like to share it, I'm always more than happy to publish it here. There have been some great examples recently. A fantastic suit review by J.Z. Bales, a report on the Traveling Tailor by Derrick Nguyen and another report with focus on Indochino for portly gentlemen by Ryan Burwinkel. If I happen to have a coupon or a giveaway, I'm always happy to give it to you in exchange. 

Sometimes I post referral links, mostly for deal websites e.g. The Daily Hookup. If you purchase following these links, I get store credit. It is my policy to use this store credit only for giveaways for the blog, I won't ever use it for myself. Today's coupon for Joe Button is no exception.