Indochino's Ultimate Spring Collection 2013 - An Overview

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Are you ready for spring? Indochino is and just released their second big collection of 2013 (first being the Ultimate Tech Collection at the beginning of January) called the Ultimate Spring Collection. While the last collection focused on special fabrics (nanotech) and gadgets (storm flap) at a premium price, the new collection is focused on wool/linen and wool/cotton blends for spring with a number of premium fabric suits mixed in. 

A closer look at the new suits.

There are 4 new linen/wool suits, instead of the usual khaki and navy Indochino went for something a bit different and released a Tonal Slate and Sand Linen suit, a grey one (not a fan of grey linen myself) and a Burgundy one - Indochino refers to the latter as "surprisingly wearable".

Linen/Wool suits from $429

In addition, there are also 3 wool/cotton blends, better suitable for transitional weather and available in a number of colours as well. These are not as lightweight as the linen suits, but a great suit for those countries with actually springs and temperatures around 15°C-20°C. 

Cotton/Wool suits from $429

The blazer selection basically mirrors the new suits, there are also 10 new shirts (quite a few of them premium shirts priced at $169) and a host of new accessories incl. linen ties and for the first time ever, lapel pins. A couple of new bow ties and inspired by The Tie Bar, small solid coloured tie bars in black and pink.

That's not all, I believe the really good news are in the details. 

Half-lined Blazers now available.

Blazers can be ordered half-lined. This is definitely a great option for summer and something that was badly missed in the last years. Half-lined jackets are more breathable than fully lined jackets and have a somewhat more casual appearance. They also require more work from the tailor, great that Indochino is not charging extra for this feature. 

The half-lining options is currently only available on blazers to but will be extended to suits as well if the feedback is positive and Indochino feels it works out well. Furthermore, as you can see it the screenshot below, the buttonhole colour and the collar felt colour can now individually be chosen. 

Indochino Half Lined Blazer

The Button Stance Question.

Indochino responds to the loudly voiced critizism on their high button stance and the unability to customise this by showing a number of suits today with one button only. Indochino's customer service had been suggesting one button suits as an alternative Clearly, the button stance for this version is much lower. It's however not always an alternative to a two button suit, as one button suits are much more casual. 

Double-breasted pics.

Indochino Spring Collection 2013

Another bonus point to Indochino for showing a suit in the double-breasted version. I've heard people say the only place to see how it looks is from my review a while ago, now Indochino has some pictures of their own for the new collection. Could somehow look better on the photos, though. 

I'll be following up on this post with a collection of the items I like specifically, I'm definitely getting at least a half-lined blazer for the heat and will of course review it. 

Initial reactions on Indochino's Facebook wall cover the whole spectrum from very negative to enthusiastic and I'm curious to hear what you think about the Ultimate Spring Collection and the new customisation options. You can also join the ongoing discussion on the Forum.