Indochino Measurement Issues

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Update 23 June, 2010: it seems Indochino decided now to show the measurements you input everywhere and not the measurements as interpreted by their tailors anymore. The article below is not relevant anymore then - unless they change it again.

I originally wanted to post something like "Indochino Measurements for Dummies" but another topic came up in the meanwhile that seems more pressing (also related to measurements). In a nutshell, Indochino seems to be doing some changes in the background at the moment, as a result different measurements show up all over their website. 

You all know how the process works. You input your measurements, the Indochino tailors review and interpret it and then produce your suit. What has changed now (partly) is, that as soon as your suit gets "sent to tailor" the measurements change and now reflect the values as interpreted by Indochino. These values can differ greatly from what you measured originally. Now, I don't know if this is good or bad, but if it works then it's ok with me.

Once you received your suit, Indochino then asks you to change the measurements if you need any alterations or a remake. Trouble is, when you do that, the measurements shown are again the ones that you input originally and not the ones shown when you click on the measurements in your order status.

Update: So, I got pants back from the tailor and wanted to reflect the changes made on the website to claim my refund. The measurements shown were the ones I had originally input when I ordered first. I adjusted the measurements, for example I added 1 inch to the crotch and it put me from 28" to 29". When the suit shipped last week, the measurements for the crotch had shown as 24,5". Now, when I click on the measurements on the last order, the crotch is shown as 29", the other measurements are as "interpreted by Indochino". It's all complicated, I don't know if I can get the point across - but there is something wrong!

It's very confusing and people think something just went terribly wrong with their measurements.  I get lots of emails, twitter messages etc. about this and I really am asking myself:

Why are the customers not informed about this?

We all know that the measurements are probably THE vital factor for online MTM and I'm probably not the only one who tries hard to tweak settings for reaching the "click and order" status. How is one supposed to do this if measurements vary all over the website and are not consistent with the measurements input. There is just too much room for confusion and mistakes. Trying to change those things in the background left many customers confused and sceptical. 
If you decided to show those measurements interpreted by the tailors, please tell us about that so we know what is going on and please do it consistently all over the website.