Pocket Squares - Hot or Not?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Indochino Pocket Square Idea

Pocket squares are an item I have just recently discovered, actually because Indochino now features them on their new Blueprint Collection. Obviously I knew about pocket squares before, but I never actually considered wearing one. To me they were an item for generation 60+ to wear on a solo dance evening. Well, apparently I was wrong, even the guys from Street Etiquette blogged about it. To be honest, for my rather formal work environment they might be considered too fancy, but I can imagine them for a evening happening!

If you are interested in the history of pockets squares, there is quite a bit about that in the Street Etiquette article posted above. In a nutshell, pocket squares started out as simple handkerchiefs that people used to clean their noses with. Around 1920 the handkerchief changed into the pocket square and became a fashion accessory. 

There is currently a poll running on my blog (right frame) about pocket squares, so if you want to vote - it's just a click away and it will be interesting to see how everyone feels about them. Or just leave me a comment, I'm interested on your opinion on this subject!

If you got interested, there are available at a lot of places and if you order an Indochino Blueprint suit you should get one for free. You can check their their range of pocket squares and learn about some folding techniques here.
There are also a couple of pocket square threads on Style Forum if you feel more comfortable with the style advice over there.