Indochino Pre-Spring Collection 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

It's been a while since we have a real new collection from Indochino (the last one was the Holiday Collection in October 2013), but the regular promos have certainly kept us busy. A first few "teaser" suits are available online now as part of the limited edition Pre-Spring Collection 2014. We got 5 new suits, 3 of them priced at $529 and 2 more premium suits at $699. Among them are a number of pinstripe suits. A couple of new shirts have been added as well and a full new themed collection is to be expected towards the end of February. 

The suits don't stand out in any particular way, but are of course welcome additions to the current lineup. 

What are your expectations from Indochino in 2014? The competition is definitely increasing. I have a ton of content to publish, Dragon Inside and InStitchu will be the first reviews of the new year and I just need to get some more photos done.