Company Spotlight: Mantorii Custom Footwear Review and Giveaway

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mantorii Custom Footwear is not an entirely new company. Originally launched in late 2012, Mantorii had some initial success and was quite popular, being the only (well known) company doing online custom shoes. I did the first review and many more followed, the company eventually got mentioned by Coolmaterial, Gearpatrol, Dappered any many more important publications. Mantorii then unfortunately went out of business due to troubles with their manufacturing, before being bought up by Australian suit makers InStitchu. 

I'm certainly glad they are back. There is definitely a market for affordable shoes that are customisable - with Mantorii you can choose from a ton of shoe styles, bragging details, upper and lining leathers, sole types, etc. InStitchu has been carefully restarting Mantorii over the past few months and is working on integrating it with their striving suit brand. I've had the chance to test one of their new products - an updated version of their Oxford Wingtip design in Topaz Tan. I had asked them to apply some darker shoe cream and polish it up a bit - they result is fantastic. 

It's an absolutely great shoe - I just love the design and the workmanship is excellent. Mantorii apparently moved to another supplier in the last months and I'd say the move was definitely worth it. Mantorii shoes are made using the Blake Stitching method (used for most high quality Italian shoes)  meaning you get a sleek and modern looking shoe that can be resoled at any time. Definitely a sign of quality - much like for suits, you don't want to go for something glued. Blake Stitching also makes the shoes less rigid and easier to break in, compared to Goodyear Welting (which of course is still a great construction method as well).

The tan colour and the wingtip broguing definitely make the shoe more casual - it will work extremely well with a pair of dark jeans and a blazer, but it also looks great with a blue suit (the lighter the blue, the better in this case). The only slightly negative drawback is the black welt - it clashes a bit with the tan colour. However, as my shoe was basically the final prototype for their new design, I can't expect everything to be 100% perfect and I was assured the welts would be in line with the colour of the upper leather on all customer orders. 

The Mantorii last is great too. It's not overly fancy of fashionable, it's based on the classic English last shape with a rounded toe, but features a slightly elongated toe. The result is a stylish last and a design that is contemporary and in no danger of being outdated anytime soon.

I've had the chance to talk to Robin and James, co-founders of InStitchu, about their businesses (a review of one of their suits is coming soon) and these guys certainly know their share about shoes. They control every part of production and leave nothing to chance, implementing their learnings from producing suits in China. Their full grain upper leathers are imported from the US and Australia, they source their own grade A quality sole leather and all components are rigurously tested to make sure they are up to their high standards.

What is next for Mantorii? According to Robin & James, Mantorii is now working closely with an experienced shoe designer to carefully update all designs (most changes are already implemented) and then to offer more styles and customisation options. Different medallion designs is one option that should be online in the near future, more colourful linings is another short-term goal. 

They are also working on reducing production times of currently 8 weeks (but well worth the wait). A few new accessories are on the horizon as well, I got one of their new wallets and it's excellent. Great leather (the one I have is actually dyed by hand) and simplistic design with all the functionality needed.

Coupon & Giveaway

Mantorii shoes are usually priced at $299, but they are running quite a few promos at the moment. Some of their products are reduced up to 20% already on their website and I got a special coupon for readers that will further decrease the price. Use indochinoreview at checkout to get a further $30 off all purchases over $200. Normal shipping is already included and you can upgrade to express shipping for $15.

I am also able to raffle off a couple of their Essential Wallets worth $18. For your chance to win, simply post a comment below this post until January 24th.

What has your opinion with Mantorii been like? Gave them a try already? Curious to hear what you think about the concept and also, possible alternatives worth checking out.