Company Spotlight: InStitchu Review & Giveaway

Thursday, January 30, 2014

InStitchu, an Australian online MTM tailor, recently caught my attention when they made the news by receiving funding to finance their impressive growth. I had heard of the brand before, but they clearly gained momentum in the past few months. Their main focus is on their home country Australia, but InStitchu is expanding world wide. InStitchu UK was founded just a while ago to focus on the very interesting UK market and to keep a watchful eye on continental Europe. Furthermore, InStitchu put parts of their funding to good use by acquiring custom shoemaker Mantorii. I think 2014 will be a very interesting year for customers, lots of things are happening and clearly online MTM is no longer a small niche.

Grey Suit by InStitchu - AUD 699 (Fabric #10)
Shirt, Tie and Tie Clip by Indochino

InStitchu offers a wide range of suits and shirts for all occasions. Unlike Indochino, InStitchu also still has a number of offers in the entry price range with suits starting from just AUD 299 or around USD 263 including free worldwide delivery. Their Classic Light Grey suit for example would compare with Indochino's Essential Gray ($449), the difference in price being substantial - almost USD 200 (and we are talking fully canvassed suits here).

I just recently reviewed Mantorii's new Oxford Wingtip design (you can see me wearing the shoes in a photo below) and had the chance to sit down with Robin McGowan and James Wakefield, founders of InStitchu, to talk about their businesses.

Chatting with Robin and James, I clearly got the impression that both of them understand very well what their customers want and need. Much like Indochino, InStitchu makes sure you are satisfied with the product and they will reimburse you for up to $50 in alteration costs (or $100 if you buy the optional $25 insurance) or remake the suit for you. InStitchu works very closely with their manufactures in Shanghai and has established a great working relationship, according to the co-founders - fact that certainly helps quality. InStitchu's customer service is very responsive and helpful from my experience and is definitely committed to finding a solution whenever possible.

One big aspect that will certainly help InStitchu win over customers is their price point. As mentioned before, some of their suits are available from just USD 263. You will have to be very lucky during a sale to receive a non-novelty suit from Indochino at that price. I'm sure many guys new to online MTM suiting will rather start. Of course, you won't get the best fabrics for USD 263, but I think the value for money is great.

InStitchu Review: customisation options galore

Another great aspect about InStitchu is the amount of customisations offered, many of them available at no additional cost. Tons of different options are available, you can choose your buttons, different satin options for the collar and the lapel, there are options for pull out lining (to mimic a pocket square), different colours for the collar felt and much more. It's fun playing with the options and the visualisation on the website is great as well to get a better idea of what the final product will look like.

InStitchu Review: my garments - fit and quality review 

I didn't go overboard for the suit and the blazer I chose. The suit provided for my InStitchu review is their premium fabric #10, a 100% wool with 130 thread count for AUD 699. The Navy Linen blazer is fabric #84 online and available from AUD 299. Double vents on both, 2 buttons - cuffs on the suit pants for a change. Peak lapels for the great suit and notch lapels for the blazer. The quality of both garments definitely impresses. The fabric used for the grey suit is light and best used during the warmer months. The blue blazer's linen fabric has a nice structure and feels great to the touch, of course also perfect in the heat.

InStitchu provides a half-lining options for all their blazers and suits - as Australians they understand very well how important it is to beat the heat. I couldn't imagine wearing anything fully lined in the Ho Chi Minh City heat, or in any tropical countries like Singapore or Hong Kong. In terms of quality, I usually look at the buttonholes first and here InStitchu clearly does a great job - everything is done in a very tidy fashion and also the buttons are solidly sewn.

As for the fit, I just submitted my Indochino measurements and that was it. Even if you have to measure it from the scratch, the website provides great visual guidance to help you along with the process of measuring yourself. You can measure yourself according to the video but I suggest you to get a friend to do it for you, so that you will get much more accurate metrics. If you live in Sydney, you can even get measured by a 3D Body Scanner or by on location at an InStitchu brick-and-mortar location - very impressive indeed. I believe this is coming to the UK soon too.

In a nutshell: a great product for a great price

In terms of suit construction, InStitchu actually offers fully canvassed suits, which puts them a step ahead of Indochino and their half-canvas construction. And it is also definitely several steps ahead of RTW suits from many big-name brands as most of them are usually fused.

Button-stance, one of my favourite topics with online MTM tailors could be a bit lower, but to be honest I did not mention my preference on order and I'm happy the way the garments turned out anyway. Another minor complaint would be jacket sleeve opening - it's a bit too wide, but this is an easy fix for any tailor. Overall, I believe InStitchu offers a convincing and mature product for a great price.

InStitchu Giveway - win one of 3 free custom dress shirts!

InStitchu is in a generous mood and will give away 3 free custom dress shirts. For your chance to win, simply write a comment on this article. The winners will be selected randomly. Good luck!

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