Top 5 Suit Care Tips & Products

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Packed everything? Make sure you don't forget your suit care essentials.
Carefully putting together your suit collection is a task that usually takes a couple of years and there is a lot of thinking that goes into purchasing a new suit. After spending both a considerable amount of both time and money, it only makes sense to take care of favourite clothes.

1. Regularly brush your suit
You may not notice it right away, but there will be quite an amount of lint and other stuff clinging to your suit after a day's wear. A suit brush is an absolutely essential piece that will help you take care of the issue before it becomes noticeable. I made it a habit to brush my suits every day before putting them back in the wardrobe, to often I put on a seemingly clean suit before noticing lint on it in the daylight.

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Ideal for when you don't have your suit brush handy or if you just need the job done very quickly. Not the most sustainable solution as you will need to replace the sheets regularly. 

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2. Hang your suit on a proper hanger
This will make sure the shoulders of your suit will stay smooth and your suit can nicely be stored without wrinkling. 

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3. Transport and store your suit in a proper bag
Nothing is worse than arriving with a fresh suit that is full of wrinkles and looks like you haven't taken care of it.

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4. Get rid of wrinkles with a fabric steamer instead of dry cleaning
Sometimes wrinkles do happen and then you need to know what you can do against it. If you don#t want to get a fabric steamer, spray some water on your suit and hang it overnight. Apply more water at those places where it's really wrinkled. 

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5. Repel moths and make your suits smell nice 

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