Kickstarter Spotlight: iBark Bio compostable iPhone Case

Sunday, August 7, 2016

I have written about interesting Kickstarter projects a few times over the years. Through that, I somehow ended up on a PR email list somewhere, and I get a couple of emails about upcoming Kickstarter projects every other day.  There was one a few days ago that caught my attention, as I'm currently in the market for an iPhone case and the product looks really good.

iBark is an Australian start-up, founded by Toby Webber, a surfer and passionate advocate for the environment. He created the BiO Case, an eco-friendly compostable smartphone case for iPhone 6/6s (more smartphone models are on the agenda). A compostable smartphone - that does sound intriguing, doesn't it? The case is made almost entirely from Eco-Certified Australian hardwood and a resin developed from non-GMO corn starch

It will break down in a home compost unit in just nine months, according to the press release. To clarify, of course, it won't rot on you on your iPhone, it but it will if you ever decide to replace it and put it in your compost unit (if you have one). 

“iBark is applying a material which is currently in use, but expanding its application by modifying the structural properties to suit our specific needs.”, says Toby Webber. The result is a stylish case with a smooth wooden back and either white or black frame. 

There is an early bird special with the iBark BiO Case for $29. Delivery is expected in November 2016. As usual, be aware of the risks of participating in a Kickstarter campaign. 

Here is the link to the iBark BiO Kickstarter campaign: iBark Kickstarter