Introducing: The Indochino Fall Collection 2016

Monday, August 1, 2016

Indochino Fall 2016
Indochino Fall Collection 2016

Following their Summer Sale and the Insider Sale to get rid of inventory and make space for something new and exciting, Indochino just dropped their brand-new Fall Collection 2016. True to their mission, (which is, to sum up: more choice, more growth) they have decided on quite some new products for us to drool over.
Coupon Alert: Coinciding with the release of the Indochino Fall 2016 Collection, the first official coupon code is already available. Use the coupon code FALL1 to get selected premium fall 2016 suits for $436 instead of $699 - $799. 
Long gone are the times of their monthly collections focusing on niche topics (The Superhero Collection, anyone?) and featuring bold new ideas. Not to say the recent collections have been dull, but they have a more grown-up feeling to them. There are four seasons of the year, which translate to four collections from Indochino.

As you now might expect, there are many new items available in all categories (yes, I counted):
  • Suits: 41 new suits (!)
  • Blazers: 20 new blazers
  • Shirts: 48 new shirts
  • Accessories: Around 20 new ties and some pocket squares (I got lazy counting)
There are a couple of slightly heavier fabrics such as twill, corduroy, or flannel, as one might expect, and the colour palette includes a higher-than-usual amount of autumn colours shades of brown. The shirt offering includes some dobby shirts. In case you are interested in the details, the term "dobby" describes a textured fabric featuring a distinctive geometric pattern as you can see in the picture below. Not to be confused with Dobby, the house-elf who might or might not wear dobby weave shirts. 

Indochino Dobby weave shirt
Example of an Indochino Dobby Shirt

Before we take a look at some individual items and stand-out pieces, let's examine an important topic: affordability. I don't want to spend too much time in the past, but we all know the days of the $299 Indochino custom suit are long gone. That said, the days of really good Indochino sales are back. I can live with that.

The price range for the Indochino Fall Collection 2016:

Some of the new suits are available with a discount right away. These are a mix of premium and regular suits. Thus, the price range across all new suits is $379 to $799 for the premium suits.

See all suits here: Indochino Fall 2016 Suits
Coupon Code FALL1 for premium suits.

A lot of them essentially mirror the suit versions, but there are a couple of standout pieces as well. 
Prices range from $399 to $599 (FALL1 coupon doesn't apply to blazers)

See all blazers here: Indochino Fall 2016 Blazers

As mentioned, quite a few of them and lots of them featuring a dobby weave. All priced at $129. 

See all shirts here: Indochino Fall 2016 Shirts

All ties are priced at $69, pockets squares go for $49. 

See all accessories here: Indochino Fall 2016 Accessories

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Indochino's models & suit jacket length - an observation

A lot has been said about Indochino's models already and just like with everything else, the photography, of course, is now on a very high level. The models now cover a higher range of ages and one thing is interesting: the outfits are different depending on the age and the difference lies in a much-discussed area: suit jacket length. 

Without going too much into detail, what is perceived to be the ideal length for a jacket has undergone some changes over the past years and decades. In general, there is a consensus now when it comes to the ideal length: The hem of the jacket should reach the middle of your thumb if you keep your arms hanging naturally on the side of your body. Why is this considered ideal? One reason is that it differentiates men's jackets from women's jackets that end much higher on the hip and thus accentuate the female (hourglass) shape. 

A result of the longer jackets is the fact that it (mostly) covers your bum. It also helps create a masculine silhouette designed to fit the (ideal) male shape, emphasising the shoulders, not the hips. 

As you can see in the comparison below, the suit length on the senior model is just spot-on. The junior model on the right features a significantly shorter jacket that ends where his hands start. Even on him, it looks off, but it works for a photo shoot and of course he has the ideal, slim body shape that works with almost any clothing. The problem: it won't work for 90% of the guys out there,  no matter if the suit is custom tailored or not. If you google around for people posting photos of themselves in Indochino suits, many of them look bad because of the jacket length. So long story short, my clear recommendation is to go for look #1 and the longer jacket length. 

Indochino Jacket Length Short

P.S. If you want to go get measured and talk to an Indochino specialist about your best options, you have more and more options to do so. Read more here about the Indochino showrooms: Indochino Showrooms