About them shoes

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

While I'm still waiting patiently for my Navy Blue Indochino suitto arrive, I took a trip to the 1st district of Vienna today. Not only are there some great sights, the 1st district also hosts one of the most famous tailors in Austria (and even Europe?), namely Knize. If you are interested and speak German (or know how to use Google Translator) you can read on here.

I walked around the shop, looking at the Brioni Blazer, cashmere pullovers, a wide selection of ties - and ended up a bit frustrated because I currently cannot afford any of those...I did spend some of my savings on a really delicious pair of Derby shoes though. 

They look cool, don't they? Magnus the cat likes them too. Oh, and if you are interested in shoes or you have a great pair that looks a bit  like it would need some help, check out this blog entry from Dennis Cahlo about revamping shoes.

Speaking about shoes, what would they be without proper socks. If you are a messy guy like me, you'll need to buy a new pair of black socks every other week. Despite all her efforts, my girlfriend just never really managed to make me organize them, so I am ending up throwing out single socks without a matching significant other all the time. To cut a long story short, I found out about that really cool company called Black Socks http://www.blacksocks.com/. You can opt for a "Sockscription" and every once in a while you get a new shipment of classy black socks. Now I never have those arkward mornings, running around the flat to find a matching pair.

One more link that I would like to share with you, this guy from ebay sells classic US army aviator sunglasses at great prices. I got the outfit together, now I just need the suit to arrive...