Indochino - the importance of correctly measuring yourself

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Correct measurements are vital for a good suiting suit, especially if you do not have the luxury of several fittings and changes at your favourite tailor. How do you get the best results for your Indochino suit?

Dennis from Made to Measure NY refined his measurements and recommends to input a couple of inches less here and there for a slimmer fit (mainly on your biceps and waist). While these tweaks seem to work very well for Dennis, I am a bit sceptical if they can generally be applied for everyone. After all, the changes Dennis implemented are in relation to his body and 4 inches less for him might be quite a bit too much for someone else (we'd have to calculate his tweaks in percentage of his original measurements to be correct).

The customer service from Indochino recommends to follow the instructions on the videos. Obviously, this makes sense for Indochino, as they need to get measurements that are based on the same assumptions.

Angie from Indochino's customer support describes the whole process as follows:

Your suit actually goes through 4 measurement processes, 1) The measurements you take yourself, 2) Our operations tweaks your measurements based on the standard measurements of someone for your weight and height, 3) The tailor then further updates your measurements based on his years of experience of cutting suits to your height and weight. 4) Finally when we send you the suit, we then ask for any alterations or remake changes based on the suit that was sent to you to get you a perfect fit. Once our customer goes through this process once, the 2nd time around we do not make any major adjustments nor will our customer need to re-meassure themselves on future orders because you will have a perfect fitting suit measurement.

The measurements that are first submitted are never the measurements used on our suits, this is used as a base to be able to give you a perfect fitting suit and why we ask for all future updates to always be based on the items received and not your first measurements.

[...] We are constantly changing our measurement process and find if you follow our measurement process you get the best fitting suit. Most websites that suggest taking measurements are old and provide information that may have been valid then but now is not.
What becomes clear is also that Indochino doesn't consider the suit shipped to you to be the final product. They know that changes might be necessary and ask you to update your measurements after your local tailor has worked his magic. The next time your suit should be just perfect.

Thus, it seems safest to stick to the Indochino videos when you order your first suit - there is of course a risk that your suit turns out a bit more baggy than it looks on the website. I actually wonder why Indochino doesn't just offer to options: slim fit and normal fit. This would probably clear up the whole situation a bit and give better results overall?