Indochino shirt review

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The great Magnificent Bastard has a new special report on custom made shirts up on his website. Reviewed is not only an Indochino shirt, but also a couple of others shirts from companies such as A Tailored Suit, Biased Cut or Inditailored.

From what I read on the web so far, most people are happy with their Indochino shirts, but most got them for free with a coupon. Many of them mentioned that they wouldn't buy it for the original price.

The review on Magnificent Bastard likes the simple shirt selection and fast delivery times of Indochino, but criticises the comparably limited selection and the fact that measurements are slightly different from other websites. The shirt turned out fine, they only mentioned that the sleeves were a bit too short and the shirt was a bit tight around the chest. Winning shirt with the perfect fit was the one from Biased Cut.

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