Indochino Review: Navy Blue Suit

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update: I added better pictures, the original ones are still available further below in that photobucket slideshow. The suit still appears very dark, simply because it is  - it's a very dark navy blue.

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After nearly one month of waiting (thanks to the Icelandic volcano and the  hike in orders), I finally received my Navy Blue Indochino Suit, shirt and tie today. Everything is very nicely packaged, neatly folded and I think I could even scent a hint of perfume. The suit fabric (navy blue) feels quite nice, very light compared to my other suits. I have also included close up photos of the material and the pick stitching (which I personally think looks good).

Indochino Navy Blue Suit
Indochino Navy Blue Suit (with Indochino tie)
I measured myself I tried to stick as close to the videos as possible. I wore a custom made shirt and trousers and asked my girlfriend to help me. We actually measured twice, once in the evening and once in the morning. I still felt a bit insecure about the whole process and later noticed that I added 1-2 inches too much on the sleeves. I also decided not to tweak any settings, but see how it would come out and in the worst case ask for a remake later. I also ordered sleeves and trousers hemmed, which was probably a bit risky.

Luckily, everything turned out fine. The trousers fit just perfectly (not too tight, so I could do aerobics in it without problems) The shirt fits exceptionally well (sleeves a bit too long, but my fault) and the jacket looked great right from the start too. Here too sleeves are a bit too long, but that can easily be fixed. I might tweak some other measurements a little bit, but overall I'm pretty satisfied with the look.

My tailor thought the fit was pretty good, I just need to reduce the sleeve length by around 1-2inch and make the suit a bit tighter around the chest. Costs amount to 35€ (20€ for the sleeves, 15€ for tightening the chest) or around 46$. I scanned the bill, uploaded it on the website and got reimbursed by Indochino within 48 hours - couldn't work easier.

Indochino Navy Blue Suit
once more with flash, if that helps
There is one thing that I'm not so happy with, namely the shoulders. Due to the construction of the suit (more about that in another article on this blog, soon to be published), the shoulders appear a bit lumpy and are different from my other suits. A bit strange, but no show stopper.

The Shirt

I have read mixed reviews about the shirts, but I have to say that mine turned out really fine. The fabric (I chose the blue herringbone) is rather thick and the fit is really good. I got it for free with a coupon and I'm not sure if I would spend 99$ on it, but it's probably worth it. I got some very positive comments at work about the fit of it - I'm a very slim guy and the Indochino shirt is really one of the best fitting ones I have ever had.

Indochino Blue Herringbone Shirt
Overall, I am satisfied with both the product and the price. I now know what changes to make for the next order and expect my next suits to fit just fine without any alterations.

The whole suit is still available on Indochino and probably one of those ultimate suits that everyone needs in his wardrobe.

Indochino Classic Navy Blue Suit
Indochino Essential Navy Suit Reviewed by Lorenz. Rated: 8/ 10 (Good)