plans for the upcoming week

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dear readers,

I have some good news for the upcoming week! Kyle Vucko, the CEO of Indochino is so kind to do an email interview with me. I am really honoured and I carefully selected a couple of questions that are hopefully of interest to you. I am sure Mr Vucko is a very busy guy, especially as business at Indochino seems to be increasing at rapid rates lately, but I can hopefully release the interview at some point this week.

I have also prepared an article on suit construction with a special focus on Indochino suits. It is basically ready to be released, but I want to wait for the interview and the answers concerning Indochino's suit construction.

Furthermore, I will update and upgrade the a bit lacklustre Indochino suit review I released on Thursday. I had come home tired after a longer business trip to find my suit waiting for me and neither the text nor the photos reflect how happy I am with the suit. Also, I went to the tailor with the jacket and had some things changed (namely the length of the sleeves and chest) and I want to update you with the results. Bear with me while this blog becomes more professional and helpful for you and many thanks to all readers for stopping by so often every day.

Moreover, please note that in order to comment you don't need to sign in or sign up. You can simply choose to comment as Anonymous or with a freely chosen nickname. I'm grateful for every comment (that is not spam) and discussion. 

Best regards and have a great Sunday,