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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fresh Balls
Go Nuts Over Fresh Balls

Yep, this nice product does just what you think it does - and more: 

And even though the product is for your balls, don’t be afraid to get a little liberal with how you apply it south of the border. After all, your balls aren’t the only thing down there that could use some freshening (

Environmentally Friendly Clothing

For those who care about our environment and sustainable businesses. On a sidenote, I plan to do some investigations about Indochino, their working conditions and wages they pay to their Chinese tailors (any comments welcome).

Target Merona Fit Dress Shirt

They are dirt cheap and they seem to fit well (apparently the are rather long too, I hate untucked shirts). On the other hand, for that price they are most likely not produced for fair wages or with fair trade materials...the choice is yours. You could check this link for sustainable style and stay away from those suspiciously cheap shirts:

The Best of Citizen Watches

Affordable and great looking - Citizen is one of those few watch makers that can do it both. If you are not prepared to spend thousands of $ or € on Rolex and the like, get one of those stylish watches.

How to Build Your Wardrobe - Part 1

Every man should read Art Of Manliness every day. It is the number 1 source for style advice and hardly ever does it disappoint. The link above is the first part of a 3 story piece, covering the aspects of how to build your wardrobe - the links it contains and the information are worth 24 hours of reading without a minute of boredom.