Indochino Review: The one with the funky shoulders

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

User "Quatsch" got his Indochino suit and posted a review along with some pictures over at Style Forum. He was so kind to let me put up his review here as well. As you will see, his feelings are a bit mixed, to say the least.

measurements used: followed video advice, no tweaks
hemmed or unhemmed: unhemmed
the verdict: refund
shoulders are massively too big, probably a full inch to inch and a half. I went back to the website and checked my measurement profile and on the shoulders measurement it says 19 inches, which perplexes me because I *very* distinctly remember measuring and entering 18 inches for the shoulder.
I think the pants are fine. The suit has problems in the shoulders and sleeves. I requested a soft shoulder and while the shoulder itself has little or no padding, the top of the sleeve seems to have a fair bit, and I'm unsure about the effect this creates. The sleeves are too big in between the shoulder and the forearm. Probably all the way down.
Something else I'd like to point out is that the lapel roll ends three inches about where the first button is (its a two-button jacket. It looks as if they made a three-button coat and simply never cut a whole for the top button.