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Friday, April 30, 2010

Starting Tie Lineup

From knit tie to bow tie - must have ties according to Valet Mag. To be honest, I don't have any of those but I'm really on the look for a knit tie (similar to the one on the left) to wear with my linen suit in summer. You can actually find some on ebay and I found a shop that sells Luciano Barbera basically around the corner. Cotton seems to be an interesting material for ties as well and a welcome change from silk.

Lucky Tiger

That is actually a product that I personally want to recommend. After years of using Nivea shaving cream and stuff like that I came across Lucky Tiger a while ago. I was reading about all the poisonous ingredients in the usual shaving products and was glad to find Lucky Tiger. It only contains natural ingredients, it has a very nice scent and it just works. Highly recommended! You can get it on Amazon but it's also available in regular shops. Check the website:

Deck Shoes Special

They are controversial, aren't they? My girlfiend hates them and calls them "grandpa" shoes, I actually like them a lot and have always had a pair. Well, if you happen to like them, check out the link!

Last but not least, I was checking through The Satorialist and came across this stylish beauty from Japan (the lips!) I love the blog and the pictures are always fantastic!