Important Indochino reviews in a nutshell - Part I

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Style Forum Thread
Style Forum

One of the most extensive resources on Indochino suits on the Internet, this thread (started in 2008) now already stretches over 11 pages. In a way, this thread showcases the evolution of Indochino from a small start-up with fashion mistakes (lower button on suit done) to a company that more and more people are happy with. Opinions are mixed with probably, most criticism goes towards the use of polyester, unclear situation about lining (fused or fully canvased). Overall, results seem to be mixed, but I believe a lot of it has to do with the measurements.

The Red Flag Deals Thread
Red Flag Deals 

Another extensive thread, with discussions worth 13 pages. Again, the measurements are the main topic of concern and opinions vary. Many people claim that following the video instructions will give you a baggy suit, however some others found the result to be very good. Generally, many people seem to make use of the tweaks as suggested on the Made To Measure NY blog (linked in the link list on the left). You should watch this thread for great deals - I got 25% off and a free shirt and tie this way :)