coming soon on indochino reviews

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dear readers,

this is just to inform you about some of the things I'm preparing for the blog. As promised before and announced on Twitter, I will write a special report on suit construction, focused on the differences between fully canvassed, half-canvassed and fused. This might sound a bit technical at first, but the method used tells a lot about the quality of the suit and how well it stands the test of time (and dry cleaners). Some days ago JeffryD (you can find him on Style Forum or via his very own website,, a professional bespoke tailor, cut open an Indochino suit and his analysis is quite revealing. I also pestered him with various emails and he was so kind to respond to some questions concerning Indochino suits - more details soon. 

Moreover, I am also working on finding out more about the Indochino working conditions and wages. As most of you know, Indochino is producing in China and on many forums people stated their concerns about the social responsibility of the company. If you have any information, questions or suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them!

Hope the above mentioned articles will be interesting for you,