The Indochino Tailor's Kit

Sunday, April 4, 2010

When I read the many online reviews on Indochino, I noticed some people criticising the fact that you cannot check the fabric quality before the purchase. This was also something I am very concerned with, so I ordered the Indochino Tailor's Kit (29$ or around 22€). It arrived within a few days and I'm quite impressed how professional it looks. I did not order any samples containing polyester, I really don't believe in polyester suits...

I chose several fabrics for suits, shirts and outerwear and additionally you get lining samples, a sample button and two measuring tapes (very useful!). The fabric all looks quite good, but not special. Nothing to be excited about, but it confirms that you get good quality for money and that Indochino is very transparent about their business.

I believe that honesty pays off and the transparency coupled with the high customer orientation differentiates Indochino from countless other online suit makers. 

Below find some pics of the Tailor Kit